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Kellogg Eye Center

UI/UX Research and Design

January 2016 - December 2016

The Multidisciplinary Design Program at the University of Michigan is a program that partners student engineering teams with industry-sponsored projects. I was placed on a project for the Kellogg Eye Center to develop a web app to aid physicians in diagnosing retinal dystrophies. Our team adopted an agile development approach to continually ideate upon and develop our product. My role on the team was to conduct and evaluate user research, as well as to contribute to front-end development.

Supporting Materials

Gantt Chart:

We established a Gantt chart as well as a kanban board to help us keep on track with our scrums. There was an emphasis on learning about the design process through regular executive reports and project updates in front of design professionals and faculty.

Initial Information Architecture:

After conducting 3 user interviews and creating 2 personas, our team delved into the stakeholders and the needs of each one. From this, we synthesized this information into a basic user diagram. This process also helped us identify our goals and performance metrics for the year. .

Final System Architecture:

This was the final system architecture for our product. Each subsystem had a dedicated subteam of 2~3 students specializing in that topic, and it was a very educational experience in learning how to communicate with people from different backgrounds.

Final Deliverables: 

Our team delivered a locally run web app to our client following 3 design reviews over the course of the year and a final poster presentation. This project is an ongoing project; it was important for us to document our work for the incoming team as well. We ended up creating a report of the methods and results of validation of the various subsystems as well as their development process. This is an excerpt from the UI trustworthiness evaluation protocol that I developed for this report. 

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