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Desai Accelerator

 User Experience Intern

Software Development, UI/UX Design

April 2016 - Present

The Desai Accelerator is a startup accelerator located in downtown Ann Arbor. As a User Experience Intern, I am primarily responsible for designing user interfaces and building web applications, among other projects to support 11+ startups over 2 cohorts. 

Check out some of my projects through Desai below!

Highlighted Projects


Developed a web app using AngularJS with a Parse backend based on the existing mobile app. Worked in a team of 5 interns.


Performed user research and designed user interface prototypes for a "dashboard" page for CPAs. Sultant used these prototypes to test a potential pivot in their primary target users.


Designed user interface prototypes for mobile and web using InVision. Roomations used these prototypes to connect with potential business partners in the real estate industry.

Other Projects

The best part about working at Desai was the startup environment that allows interns to work on a variety of different projects. Some of my favorites include:

- Social Media post for Armor Blitz that reached 4k+ people

- Tagging and curating music for JamHawk, a music curation platform

- Directing and producing a presentation video for Ash & Anvil, a clothing company for shorter men

- Planning a Detroit-themed photoshoot for Ash & Anvil

- Directing teams on final pitch presentations, drawing on my theatrical background 

- Capturing the journey to Demo Day through a video (seen below) 


Kelly LaPierre, Former Managing Director of Desai Accelerator:

"Levin is an exceptional leader who exhibits the rare combination of characteristics I look for in the entrepreneurs I invest in - dedication, creativity, self-awareness, and an eagerness to learn. During her time at the Desai Accelerator our founders regularly went to her for advice and to brainstorm because she had such a keen eye for identifying unique solutions and ideas. Beyond that, she also possesses the skills and knowledge to implement a wide variety of strategies, anything from videography and graphic design to UI/UX and front end development. Over the past year I have witnessed her ability to adopt to work with a diverse group of individuals - fellow student interns, founders from varied background, industry leaders and venture investors. Levin would be a tremendous asset to any team or organization (and is a total bada$$)." 

Fares Ksebati, CEO & Founder of MySwimPro:

"Levin is a highly creative and talented designer. The digital media that she produced had a huge impact in developing our company's brand strategy. Levin brings a level of innovation and authenticity to all her design work that inspired our entire team to think differently. Her UI/UX design work helped us grow our company and I look forward to seeing Levin's continued success as a student and in her future career!"

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