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Beyond Therapy

Stage Manager, Assistant Director

November 2015

Main Responsibilities:

- Recording stage directions during the rehearsal process, and checking continuity

- Scheduling/managing rehearsals 

- Maintaining prop/lighting/sound cues during performances 

- Working with actors, giving feedback during rehearsals/performances

About the Show

Beyond Therapy is a comedic play by Christopher Durang about Bruce and Prudence, two characters who are deep into therapy. Prudence is grey, straight-laced, and generally afraid of the world and change, so her pretentious, “masculine” therapist insists that she be more assertive. Bruce on the other hand wears his heart on his sleeve and his goofy female therapist insists that he meet women by placing a personal ad, even though Bruce has a male lover named Bob who is not too crazy about her advice. Bruce must learn how to handle Prudence’s anxiety, and Prudence must learn how to deal with her emotional new boyfriend; they struggle together in the world beyond therapy.

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